We’ve got every winner in one spot for you starting with Season 1. As we’ve evolved the categories have changed so check out our most recent season to see what the current categories are!

Season 9

Finest Craftsman Winner, @livingstoncabinetry

Intermediate Winner, @roblangford

Novice Winner, @the_wood_doc

Season 8

Finest Craftsman, @underthewater_woodworks

Intermediate Winner, @coldcreekwoodworks

Novice, @i_made_athing

Season 7

Finest Craftsman, James Bostock

Intermediate Winner, Cold Creek Woodworks

Novice Winner, She Builder

Season 6

Pro Winner, Coppersmith Customs

Finest Finish Winner, Livingston Cabinetry

Novice Winner, Da Kine Designs

Season 5

Winner, Da Kine Designs

Runner Up, William Patrick Customs


Finest Finish, Design by Donnie

Season 4

Winner, Oh Six Homestead

Runner Up, The Painted Key

2nd Runner Up, Sweet Home Wiscago

Season 3

Winner, Sweet Aloha Designs

Runner Up, Abbott’s At Home

Season 2

Winner, Candice Jae

Runner Up, Rebel Heart Wood Working

Season 1

Winner, The Painted Key