Welcome to The Builders Challenge! Currently in its 7th year and 15th season! The Builders Challenge is the largest woodworking competition on the web! The Challenge occurs twice a year for three weeks. Participants are given one plan and three weeks to produce their build. These builds are then judged by our seasonal guest judges and three winners are selected.

Season 15 Starts in July. Register Below!

By registering, you will receive an email at midnight (ish) on the date of the challenge kickoff with full details on the exciting build plan or build theme as well as specific instructions for Novice and Advanced skilled builders.  There’s no cost to enter or register.  If you choose not to participate for the season, we’ll forgive you, just ignore the email until the next season.  If you’ve registered for previous seasons, just to be safe, make sure you register again for this season!  If you have any questions feel free to DM us @makerschallengecentral on Instagram.