Welcome To The RZ Mask Outdoor Challenge!

  • The Theme to this challenge is “Outdoor Games” which means you get to play along with us to win!

Here’s what you need to know:

WHEN:  The RZ Mask Outdoor Challenge Starts June 4th and runs through June 30th.  You have until 11:59pm PST on June 30th to submit your outdoor game.

WHAT TO BUILD:   Custom cornhole boards, ladder golf, lawn darts (okay, maybe not lawn darts…), a life sized version of battleship???  Build an outdoor game and put your own spin on it.  It can be a remake of a classic or it can even be a new game you invent.  We want to see you flex your makers skills on this and really impress.  But most importantly, build a game meant to be played outdoors with any materials you see fit!

HOW TO ENTER:  All Makers Challenge Central contests are free to enter!  If you register for a challenge there’s no obligation to start or finish, but we’ll be sad if you don’t participate or don’t finish.  In order to enter your RZ Mask Outdoor Games Build you’ll need to hit two check points by posting to your public Instagram account between June 4th and June 26th:

  • RZ Outdoor Challenge Progress Post:  Post a pic, reel or video in your feed of your Instagram account of your build progress using the tag #RZOutdoorProgress and make sure you tag @makerschallengecentral and @rzmask in any of your posts so we can so how things are going!  (if you want to use the collaboration feature on Instagram you can tag @makerschallengecentral and we’ll post your progress in our feed as well!)
  • RZ Outdoor Challenge Final Post: Post a pic, reel or video in your feed of your Instagram account of your final RZ Mask Outdoor Game submission using the tag #RZOutdoorFinal in the description.  Unfortunately, no tag, no entry.  Don’t forget to tell us about how you made the game in the description and any high points we should know.  Also… tag @makerschallengecentral and @rzmask so we see it!

WHAT CAN YOU WIN?  One lucky winner will be chosen to win the ultimate outdoor prize pack!  You must submit your entry properly and within the timeframe to qualify.  Unfortunately, prizes are not guaranteed for residents outside of the continental US.

If at any point you have any questions, please reach out to Raechal or Adam through DM on the @makerschallengecentral Instagram account or via email mail@makerschallengecentral.com 

Now get building!