Welcome to the "Finish It February" Challenge!

Do you have an unfinished project sitting in the corner of your shop or workbench?  Is there a DIY project in the house 85% complete?  Do you have a half-baked idea of something you want to get started and just haven’t gotten around to it yet?  That’s why we’re kicking off a new challenge!  Finish It February is a challenge that let’s you get that last project off your to do list, win prizes and get to that next project!

Let’s finish it!

~ Adam & Raechal

Join us For the Finish It February Challenge!

STOP PROCRASTINATING!  You’re not Lazy Guy DIY.  It’s time to stop putting off that project and get finishing it so you can start new projects this year and oh yeah… win $1,000 for being a slacker!

What are the rules?
  • Find a project (woodworking, craft, DIY Home Improvement, etc.) that you haven’t finished yet and post to your (public) Instagram Feed explaining that you’ve accepted the “Makers Challenge Central Finish It February Challenge!”  Make sure you tag @makerschallengecentral and tell us what the project is and how long you’ve been putting it off.

  • Use the tag #finishitfebruary and tag @makerschallengecentral to give us updates on your progress in posts or stories.

  • Complete your project (for real this time) and post a reveal of your completed project on your Instagram feed by 11:59pm PST on February 29th, 2024 making sure you tag @makerschallengecentral.
  • Use the SUBMISSION FORM to finalize your project!  No submission, no entry into judging!
  • Be the lucky winner who takes home $1,000 and the crown!

*funds will be paid via Paypal.  Challenge is open to anyone and everyone!  No geographic limitations.

Season 1 Winner @woodenitbegrand