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SurfPrep is the simple sanding system you can trust to revolutionize your sanding processes and take your business to the next level in time savings and material costs.

Walrus Oil is committed to only using 100% Food-Safe ingredients in all of our products, from our furniture finishes to skincare goods. They never use synthetics or toxins and everything what Walrus Oil makes is AVA Certified Vegetarian, Vegan, or Plant-Based. They also list all ingredients on the front of their packaging to show they have nothing to hide. No Synthetics, No Toxins, No Walrus Harmed!

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As a manufacturer in the area of clamping and cutting technologies, Bessey is a market leader and trendsetter. They maintain their independence through profitable growth. The foundation for this is Bessey’s reliability and flexibility.

Whether it’s the living room wall, a group of doors, or an entire set of lawn furniture that are screaming for a fresh coat of paint, Wagner has just the right painting tool. Wagner sprayers and rollers can tackle any interior or exterior projects with a professional finish and more quickly than in the past. They’re simply a smarter way to paint.

Many of us at Kreg are woodworkers ourselves – from newbies to seasoned professionals. That’s why we believe in the idea of connecting head, heart, and hands through building projects. From envisioning a project in your head and desiring it in your heart, your hands will do the work and guide you through the process.

For over 30 years, we have been proudly helping customers experience those benefits firsthand. We are passionate about providing tools that give you a sense of accomplishment from every project you complete. What’s more, we are there for you every step of the way to support and cheer you on throughout your building journey.

Precision has been at the very heart of Triton’s philosophy since 1976, when the first Workstation was produced. Designed in Australia, Triton tools continue to be built with this philosophy at the forefront of every project. From award-winning routers and laser-guided circular saws, to the industry-renowned Superjaws and Series 2000 Workcentre, you can rely on Triton for tools that provide an accurate, quality finish every time. Register online to find out about Triton’s exciting and innovative new products as soon as they become available.