Welcome to Season 3 of The Furniture Flip Challenge!
Sept 4th - Sept 26th
In partnership with Do It Yourself Magazine

The Season 3 THEME was:

Congrats to our Winners!


Here's a Season 3 RECAP!

We’ve all enjoyed neutrals so much, it’s time for COLOR to make a comeback! According to design trends and Do It Yourself Magazine- color is making a comeback in a major way and we want to see how you do it! 

To Participate:

1) Pick a category below and use the hashtags on your Instagram as you flip or restore your piece. 

2) After you complete your piece and post it on social media click the completion form link below and submit your piece for judging according to the category you participated in. 

  • FURNITURE FLIP CATEGORY: Tell us you love color, without telling us you love color!
    • Flip ANY piece of Furniture using color in your piece. There is no requirement as to how much color or what kind. This can be shown in pattern, style, paint, etc. The SKY is the limit! We just want to see what kind of color you can create.
  • FURNITURE RESTORATION CATEGORY: Tell us you love color without showing us you love color. Restore your piece of furniture showcasing at least 75% of the original beauty of the piece. Use the other 25% to bring some color and personality to the piece. This can be shown in pattern, style, paint, etc. We want to see what kind of color you can create while still maintaining the beauty of your original piece of furniture you choose to restore. 

Use the following hashtags so we can find you:
#ffc3final (only on your final post)

Meet our Season 3 Co-hosts:

And Furniture Flip Team Members:

Email: makerschallengecentral@gmail.com