Thanks for an amazing Season 1!

Season 1 had TWO categories to enter.

Congratulations to our winners!

Bring Back the Beauty: @littlehomemakers
Flip the Flop: @erilee.designs


  1. Only ONE category per project.
  2. You ARE allowed to enter more than one project.
  3. To keep up honest, you must include ONE before photo with your FINAL.
  4. You must also post ONE (or more we hope) progress photo in the next three weeks using the hashtag #furnitureflipchallenge and #furnitureflipprogress
  5. You MUST fill out a COMPLETION FORM with a URL to be considered for judging by Do It Yourself Magazine!
  6. You can ONLY enter Furniture. NO lamps, cutting boards, mallets, smaller projects, etc. If you’re confused, send us a DM on Instagram. We’re here to help!


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