Welcome to the biggest furniture upcycle challenge on social media!

What is the Furniture Flip Challenge?

Twice a year we partner with industry leaders to bring you the ultimate flipping challenge. We’ve worked with the editorial team from Do It Yourself Magazine and more to bring you the people who decide what the trends for home décor and style are each season which we then get to showcase as our themes for each challenge season.  Once you register your email address, you’ll get the challenge kickoff email on challenge launch day, giving you the details for that season’s flip.  You’ll have the same 3 weeks as everyone else to flip a piece of furniture in the style of one of the themes chosen by our panel of experts.  The themes are kept secret until the challenge kicks off so no one has a head start on their project.  While the challenge is running, we encourage our participants to post their progress to their Instagram feeds and stories using that season’s hashtags and by tagging @makerschallengecentral so the rest of the community can watch and interact.  At the end of the three weeks, every participant who completes their project will then submit their final before and after photos to their Instagram feed for final judging by our guest panel of judges (including required hashtags).  

Want to know what the Season 7 theme is?  Find out first by registering for the Challenge above! 

When is the Furniture Flip Challenge?

Season 7 of the Furniture Flip Challenge starts in September of 2023 and runs for 3 weeks (we’ll give you exact dates as we get closer).  Don’t worry if it’s already started as you can join at any time as long as you submit before the final deadline.  Mark your calendars as Season 8 will then kickoff in winter of 2024 if fall flips aren’t your thing.  As long as you register your email address in the box above, you will get notifications for each challenge as they launch.

Why Should I Participate in the Furniture Flip Challenge?

Besides being part of the an amazing community of talented people and getting to showcase your flipping skills… there are prizes!  We partner with amazing sponsors year round to provide you with some life changing tools and gear to outfit your workspace.  Not to mention winners and other participants have been featured in national publications like Do It Yourself Magazine for some of the coolest furniture makeovers out there. 

Meet our Co-Hosts from Season 7

Nicole @simplyalignedhome
Autumn @prayedoverpieces
Graham: @minerva_enterprises

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