Welcome to The Furniture Flip Challenge!

Welcome to the biggest furniture challenge on social media!

Twice a year we'll give you a theme and three weeks to create your masterpiece where Do It Yourself Magazine will review your piece and decide who's the Flipping Master and Restoration Extraordinaire!

There are two categories to enter:

Flip it: Take any piece of Furniture and Flip it according the theme we challenge you to meet.

Restore It: Take any piece of Furniture and bring it back to life.

Check out what's going on for Season 5 right now!


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Meet our Co-Hosts!

Christina : @pretty_distressed
Walessa: @ aliferefurbished
Graham: @minerva_enterprises

Meet our "Do it Yourself Magazine", Head Judge!

Your flips will be judged by the Editor-in-Chief of Do It Yourself Magazine Brian Kramer and his team. With more than 20 years of experience as a writer, editor, producer, and project manager, Brian knows how to create outstanding content with a collection of project ideas and decorating tips that is sure to keep you busy year round!
Packed with design ideas, decorating tips and more, Do It Yourself is the ultimate guide for DIY enthusiasts. Make what is old new again with Do It Yourself’s furniture makeover ideas and tips on rehabilitating old dressers, cabinets and more.

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