Meet our co-hosts Charlotte and Sam!

In true challenge form, we’ll never leave you hanging without joining in the fun! You’ve seen our co-hosts on HGTV and now they’ll be flipping with you! 

Hi, I’m Charlotte! I’m fixing up our 100 year old house and artfully hoarding armchairs in the garage. I love color. I love flea markets. I love a little mess. My days are spent writing, painting, sanding, laughing and negotiating with our 5 kids.


Hi, I’m Sam – full time psychologist and side hustling do it yourselfer from Long Island, NY.  I specialize in sharing woodworking projects and home improvement ideas on a strict budget. Did I also mention I have a full time job? Being creative doesn’t have to break the bank or require a lot of time. Trust me, if it did, I wouldn’t be here!


Meet our Resident Restoration Expert!

I started making things when I was younger and through my 20’s mostly because I could not afford to buy nice things. I earned my work ethic while spending summers working as a mason laborer for my uncle. Just being surrounded by craftsmen, I learned to appreciate artistry and became passionate about advancing my skills.