Adam - Lazy Guy DIY

Sawdust, power tools and sarcasm make up the laziest approach to DIY on the web with Adam from Lazy Guy DIY! Cubicle corporate life during the day fuels the creativity in Adam's Tiny workshop on nights and weekends. With two kids, a house full of pets and a 1920's Craftsman Style Bungalow, Adam's projects run bit to small from furniture builds to full on renovations around the home.

Shara - Woodshop Diaries

Content creator, photographer, designer, builder, maker, writer, editor, video producer, and voice behind the name and all the projects you see on Woodshop Diaries. Shara is a one-woman show around here, unless you count Lucy, the shop dog


Ethan - The Build With Ethan

Designer Ethan Abramson’s creative process allows for the materials to influence designs as much as the function does. This balance leaves pieces with a true sense of origin and purpose, something rarely seen in mass produced furniture.


Casey - CReeves Makes

Casey and his family have always had a passion for being creative in and around the home. He loves to get out in the shop and try new things and build what he can for whoever has a need.  Whether it's nice furniture for the home or shop organization and jigs, Casey try's to challenge himself and develop new skills to get better with every task. He enjoy's the opportunity to share his experiences with his followers. If you haven't checked out Casey's Youtube Channel yet, you're MISSING out, they're AWESOME!

Jef and Jess- Two Moose Design

Two Moose Design was founded in 2017 as a way for Jef and Jess to express themselves and give life to their ideas. They began creating pieces for their home and have grown and expanded father than they ever hoped. They currently work from their hand built shop.