What is Makers Challenge Central?

What started out as a challenge amongst friends in 2016 turned into an internet sensation!  Originally called the “IG Builders Challenge”, the original event brought the woodworking and DIY community together to build the same piece of furniture with their own unique spin on it.  Fast forward and “The Builders Challenge” is now one of the largest woodworking and furniture making competitions on the web.  The original challenge has now spawned multiple challenges throughout the year from Furniture Flipping, to Epoxy and Resin based challenges that run year round!

What is the format for each challenge?

Once you register, you’ll wait for the “Kickoff” email on the designated date.  Once that email arrives it’s go time!  You will receive that season’s theme and will have a designated amount of time to fulfill that challenge.  All participants will have the same amount of time to complete the challenge and submit their final project via a post on their Instagram channel using designated hashtags.  Winners will be chosen by an independent panel of guest judges.

Are there prizes?

Yes!  Depending on the challenge, prize packs can range from tools, to products to cold hard cash!  As a FYI, the Challenges are open to domestic and international participants, however, not all prizes can be guaranteed to international winners.

What are the Challenges I can compete in?

  • The Builders Challenge:  Our OG Event!  A woodworker/furniture making challenge twice a year with themed builds and multiple skill level entry categories
  • The Furniture Flip Challenge:  Teamed up with our friends from Do It Yourself Magazine, the trend setting editorial team reveals the season’s hot new on trend theme twice a year and has you flip a tired piece of furniture to bring it back to life 
  • The Mallet Challenge:  One of our favorite mini-challenges, we challenge you to make a workshop essential with a themed mallet making challenge
  • The Handmade Holiday Challenge: If you’re a maker, chances are you’re making gifts for the holiday.  Double dip on those handmade gifts you’re already making by entering them to win Santa’s sack of gifts
  • The Walrus Oil Challenge:  Our buddy Dave and the Walrus Oil crew are one of our oldest partners, so it’s fitting we have a Walrus Oil themed challenge each year
  • The Epoxy Showdown: New for 2023, a new spin on our Artist Challenge that’s going to be an epoxy and resin makers dream to win
  • TBD Partner Challenge:  Each year we bring in a special partner and have a theme dedicated specifically to a theme of their choosing similar to the Walrus Oil Challenge or the RZ Mask Outdoor Challenge from previous seasons
Do you all only run challenges?
No way!  In addition to our challenges, Makers Challenge Central produces year round content including tool reviews, live in-person events, charity builds and more!  Make sure you’re following @makerschallengecentral for the newest updates of what’s going on!


Meet Raechal and Adam!

Raechal is the founding member of The Builders Challenge and Makers Challenge Central.  A mom, a woodworker, a DIY’er and social marketing coordinator, Raechal’s goal has always been to bring the maker community together to share and grow.  You can find more of her work on @raechalwoodworks 

Adam participated in the first challenge in 2016 and joined 3 seasons later as a co-owner of Makers Challenge Central.  As a woodworker, tool reviewer and social marketing brand consultant, Adam brings his own version of laidback and sarcastic fun to the team where you can find more of his work on @lazyguydiy

You can also catch both Raechal and Adam on The Outdoor Channel’s TV show Renovation Hunters where they put their talents on display as part of the build crew flipping cabins and lodges!